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What is Lonnection and why should you use it?

  Lonnection is a product of two words: language and connection. At Lonnection, we make it easier for you to connect with people in your lingual community, sell, and find products and services that you need.

As people who speak a second language, we know that sometimes, we want to connect with local service providers and small business owners that speak our language. Whether it's the inherent connection or trust, there's something there that makes us feel comfortable. We also know that though we all have integrated into our local communities, a part of us still longs to connect with people who understand our identity, culture, and language. That's why we came up with Lonnection. We are here to help you connect with local businesses and community events that are run in your language!
Enjoy our powerful platform with the following features:

- Search for service providers by the language they speak
- Lonnection's algorithms provide 100% targeted search result (no more sifting through hundreds of pages of junk on Craigslist!)
- Compare product listings with our convenient chart designs
- Text yourself listings to remember key details
- Receive notifications when a particular product or service is listed
- Rate the service you have received

If you would like to add a service, category or location, contact us or notify us on Facebook and we will do it immediately.
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